Humans in technology and education

EdTech Denmark is supported by a group of well-recognized teachers, advisors, researchers and business professionals. Their expertise in education and technology support the collaboration between EdTech companies, schools, organizations, researchers, instructors, and teachers. Our advisors' main role is to help facilitate the innovation within the field of education end technology in Denmark and beyond. They are ready to deploy their curiosity, skills, and expertise in the future of learning, education, and technology, are you?

Magnus Balslev Jensen

Magnus Balslev Jensen

Senior Consultant


Nina Rung Hoch - Professor at European University - Ed-tech advisor copy

Nina Rung Hoch

EdTech Advisor, Professor

European University


Helle Rootzén

Professor in Learning Technology and Digitalization


Jesper Damlund - Senior Financial Consultant at Nordic Innovators P:S ETD

Jesper Damlund

Senior Financial Consultant

Nordic Innovators P/S

David Kofoed Wind - PhD student & CEO at Peergrade ETD

David Kofoed Wind



Jørgen Balle Olesen

Jørgen Balle Olesen


Tilde Reffstrup - Project Lead at the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship copy

Tilde Reffstrup 

Project Lead

The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Human-Shojaee ETD

Human Shojaee


Venture Cup & University Startup World Cup

Tommy Otzen - CEO at KUBO Robotics

Tommy Otzen

CEO & CO-founder

KUBO Robotics

Avnit Singh - CxO at Tech BBQ copy

Avnit Singh


Tech BBQ

Kasper Enggaard Krog - Co-founder, CCO at Lix Technologies copy

Kasper Enggaard Krog

Co-founder & CCO

Lix Technologies

Thomas Jensen