We are EdTech Denmark

EdTech Denmark’s purpose is to promote collaboration and educational enhance-ment through the development and use of educational technol-ogies. We do this as a non-profit, market-driven cluster associ-ation of private and public stakeholders.

Our members are companies, researchers, analysts and edu-cational institutions tied together by a common interest in merg-ing the unique potential of Scandinavian pedagogy with educa-tional technology.

EdTech Denmark facilitiates and participates in partnerships with relevant stake-holders in the field of learning and technology with the purpose of supporting specific innovation projects, research activities and business development at the local, regional, national and international levels.

EdTech Denmark provides and communicates knowledge about learning and technology to strengthen innovation in the educational and corporate sectors and in Danish society as a whole.

Our position is unique

At EdTech Denmark we are concerned with lasting improve-ments, and we are here to create the best possible conditions for learning and teaching.

We do this by positioning ourselves at the intersection of re-search, public institutions and private organizations.

We create a space of engagement, high professionalism and a shared focus on complex themes and accelerating trends.

Anything you can do, we can do better together.