Spil-op is a subscription based web-application for smartboard or a projector, which uses gamification to make a calm, productive and motivating classroom environment in the elementary school. The backbone of Spil-op is a unique digitalization of effective classroom management tools, which is structured like a game.

Spil-op’s innovation stems from a focus on how the teaching activities are conducted, rather than the content of these teaching activities. Spil-op takes the existing social framework surrounding the classroom and uses gamification to make it fun and motivating for the students to create a better classroom environment. The classroom's progress is turned into a rocket, which is being built, until it is ready for launch.

Spil-op creates a clear coupling between the efforts of the children and social, rewarding initiatives, which are already a part of their everyday life. It creates motivation and meaning with the activities of the classroom, which supports the academic and the social classroom environment. Spil-op is founded on evidence based pedagogy, which both in the short and long term has a well documented effect on mental health, well-being of students and teachers, motivation and social groups.

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