Video eLearning tool for schools - Bite-Sized eLearning based on Videos - Increasing learner engagement and motivation through ease of access and use, interaction, repetition, engagement, and gamification.

With tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom in combination with our video eLearning tool uQualio, it is possible for schools to combine online classroom training AND eLearning, hereby optimizing the entire process. And video eLearning is extremely valuable when students initially get acquainted with the subjects and later when they need to prepare for exams or when they need to use the knowledge again. All in all, video eLearning is increasing the ROI of the educational efforts!

The process is simple, 6 simple steps:
  1. Record a webinar, a lecture, online training session…
  2. Place the recording on your video eLearning platform.
  3. Select the scenes you want and turn them into bite-sized topics.
  4. Add supplemental text and files with each topic.
  5. Create quiz and test questions for each topic.
  6. Publish and make course available for the moment of need - exam preparation and performance support.

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uQualio® is a Danish developed cloud-based video eLearning platform that in an innovative way makes it playfully easy to turn new and existing videos into eLearning to secure motivated, engaged and competent learners. The solution can handle solutions covering from a smaller to a very large number of students. The aim is to motivate and engage students.

The platform is hosted on AWS and is GDPR compliant.


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