Viducon ensures educational institutions and companies success with online teaching and employee training via market leading video solutions.

Viducon is a full service company delivering both software, services and hardware within the area of video, providing a number of international video software solutions (SaaS based) such as Panopto and Swivl. Platforms that make recording, sharing and hosting of online videos efficient, making it easy for educators, trainers and instructors to create, edit and deliver video based training to any device.

The company also offers recording of lectures, conferences, events, live streaming and AV installation in for instance meeting- and lecture rooms. In addition to that Viducon provides equipment for recording of lectures and training sessions, including products for auto tracking and robot cameras such as Panasonic, Swivl, iSmart, Pixio, Obsbot og Pivo.

“We have more than 10 years of experience from the educational sector and started Viducon with the aim of sharing our knowledge and helping organizations in exploring the full potential of online video” - says the CEO Yaron Schwartz.


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