VitaSim makes it easy to implement and evaluate virtual reality (VR) in teaching and training

We do so by offering an all-in-one VR platform, that allows users to independently produce, edit and distribute VR-based content. Our solution VitaSim Author makes it intuitive to produce and edit VR content, without having to write a single line of code. VitaSim Study allows the end-users (students, learners, consumers, etc.) to easily access VR content, while our browser-based solution VitaSim Enterprise makes data collection and administration simple and accessible.

The platform supports both 3D experiences (as seen in computer games), where the virtual world become lively and interactive, as well as 360 based experiences, where recordings from the real world make the virtual seem incredible realistic. Both modalities have advantages and disadvantages, and we are happy to share our experience and provide guidance on when to choose one over the other. Some project also gain value from using both modalities, but for different learning goals. Second, we offer pilot projects and consulting, where we design and produce the VR based learning material, in close collaboration with the users. The main difference from other VR consultant companies, is that even after we finish the project users are able to edit and expand the produced material on their own.

We have plenty of experience with both licensed use of our software as well as pilot projects, and our current list of users include vocational schools, universities and other institutions within higher education. It also includes hospitals, simulations centers and independent VR-producers. In our opinion learning and teaching should be evidence based. Therefore, we are always happy to participate in research projects investigating how to best use VR for learning. To date we have participated in + 5 different studies, investigating the learning efficacy of VR in different settings.


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